MERC - It's the new era of outsourcing and privatization and Military Forces are no exception.
FACT: One of every one hundred fifty children born in this Country will be diagnosed with Autism. At this time, there is no cure and the cause remains unknown.  

FACT: Although mercenaries have existed throughout history, there has been a significant increase in the number of private military units over the last six years.  Most serve as Government Contractors in places like Iraq, but many are also employed by private enterprise as well. The resources extended to them by way of their Government contracts can readily be misappropriated to serve private, profit based interests. For the first time in our history we have Private Armed Forces with access to State Department, NSA and CIA intelligence.

FACT: Ibogain is an hallucinogen from Africa that has been claimed to be effective in treating addiction to some drugs. Much like LSD, the recovering addict trips for many hours. A Facilitator guides them through that experience and provides positive reinforcement and reprogramming to aid in their recovery. Given the vulnerability of the subject, the potential exists for mind control, much like the kind attributed to the CIA during the cold war.
- - -
Our story grew out of these three realities. It asks the questions, what if a Pharmaceutical company wanted to suppress a research study that linked the use of their product with the increase in the occurrences of Autism?
What if they hired a private army to purge the study using the age old tactics of arson, extortion, kidnapping and murder?

And what if that private army used Ibogain to program and train warriors for their needs?

Finally, what if ordinary people were the only ones to rise to the challenge and defeat these powers of greed and corruption?
Profits of Doom is their story.
Profits of Doom