Lethal Exposure - In a world where Politics as usual means business as usual, one woman has the courage to stand and say enough!
In this all too plausible narrative, an Icelandic-American woman running for the U.S. Senate represents a serious threat to the powers that be and accordingly is targeted for a smear campaign which includes exposing her husband as a CIA operative, ending his career and endangering the lives of each of his undercover agents. As a result of this Lethal Exposure, he is summarily abducted and subjected to enhanced interrogation by forces unknown.
Our heroine's efforts to find her husband force her to abandon the campaign as she sets out upon a journey of self discovery and danger. She is joined by a retired FBI Agent who led the opposition research which exposed her husband. Knowing his role in the disastrous results, the agent tries to atone and pledges to help find her man.
Rich in ethnic and cultural diversity, this is a saga about the inevitable abuse of unfettered power.
Lethal Exposure