Sexual Thriller - Kill, Baby, Kill. A Spy Thriller with legs.
A brave, sexy young operative for a secret, Black Bag operation run by the CIA tires of killing for her superiors and goes into business for herself, exacting revenge on the parties responsible for the death of her fiancé.

Alexandra Duval is a beautiful, young, deadly assassin. She has the training and disciplined grace of a Ballerina coupled with the fortitude and unabridged lethality of a mighty warrior.

She specializes in the "soft kill" - getting up close & personal with her targets - a black widow.

A seasoned pro in spite of her young age, Alexandra has seen it all, been there, done that. Maybe it was the job, maybe it was the death of her fiancé, but somewhere along the line her heart callused over, until now that is. When vacationing at a tropical resort, our heroine discovers she no longer knows how to relax and while pouring through newspapers in an effort to occupy her mind, runs across a murder eerily similar to that of her fiancé’s.  As she investigates, she begins to develop feelings for the surviving widower and his three children. For the first time in years, she wonders if she might love again.

She encounters numerous twists and turns on her quest to find those responsible for killing the love of her life, but even more so, on the road to liberate her very soul.

At its core, Sexual Thriller is a revenge tale, but to me, it's about finding yourself after years of not caring. It's so easy to give up on what we truly desire, especially when our day to day existence robs us of our humanity. To me it's more a story of Love and hope, made sweeter by a healthy dose of revenge.
Sexual Thriller
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