Undue Influence - Politics is a bitch and the Bitch is back and she won’t get fooled again.
Freshman Senator, Anna Thorsson is disappointed to find that Washington is an impossible place to get things done. But with dogged determination, she perseveres and manages to gain support for a commission to investigate the influence of big money concerns into government affairs. This of course has it's consequences and a mysterious group of financial titans wants her dead. They shoot down her plane, but" the bitch just won't die." The incident only galvanizes support for her and she returns to Washington ready for more.
Navigating through the legislative process is no easy task for our heroine and the Senate Majority Leader does his level best to impede her progress. But again, she's tenacious and in spite of all obstacles, pushes the Undue Influence bill forward. This frustrates the Majority Leader so he arranges for her to lead trade talks with the Icelandic Government, the place she was born. Under pressure, she agrees and joins the delegation with the side benefit of having some time to visit her brother. While there, the mysterious group dispatches another assassin and she narrowly escapes this second attempt on her life.
Since the shooting down of the Senator's plane, her husband and a retired FBI Agent have been investigating and are able to track down and question the first Assassin.  His cooperation does not come easily and unfortunately when it does, he's quickly dispatched. Our two investigators systematically move their way up each rung of the ladder until they reach the top. The story actually begins with the villain's interrogation and his voiceover punctuates the action throughout. As for lose ends, that just leaves the legislation and from the floor of the Senate, our heroine makes her impassioned appeal for the bill to combat undue influence.
Undue Influence is the second in the Lethal Exposure franchise which was also written by Joël Colburn.
Undue Influence